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Updates to the Guidelines are issued in April or May each year.
Every few years, there is an additional update in September.
The 2018 version of DivorcewareNJ is to be used until April or May of 2019.

Because of the new tax laws regarding spousal support (alimony),
you should take care of how you fill in lines 1b, 1c, and 4.


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DivorcewareNJ:  The computer program that helps you fill out the NJ Child Support Guidelines forms, calculate the child support order, and print the necessary forms.  DivorcewareNJ was developed by Art Lieberman, Ph.D., a divorce mediator.
Used by attorneys, judges, mediators and individuals since 1995.

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DWNJ comes in two versions:
DWNJ Professional DWNJ Online

NJ Child Support Guidelines

Case Information Statement

Uniform Summary Support Order

The professional version of DivorcewareNJ is downloaded and installed directly onto your computer. This version allows for an unlimited number of cases. Also included are forms for the Case Information Statement and the Uniform Summary Support Order.

This Profession version can be used from multiple computers in your building and the data can be shared among users. (It is not Internet-based.)

And just a note: Don't confuse the "Guidelines" with the "CIS." DivorcewareNJ is primarily designed for managing the NJ Child Support Guidelines Worksheets. It also includes a Case Information Statement (CIS) form that you can fill out separately for each case.

Purchases may be made directly from the developer (Lieberman Consulting Group) on this website [see below].


  • Automatically prints the NJ Child Support Guidelines forms.   
  • Includes the Case Information Statement (CIS)
  • Prints the Uniform Summary Support Order
  • Context-sensitive help screens guide you through each line. 
  • Amounts can be entered as weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and/or annual.  No need to have numbers converted to weekly.
  • Provides alternative ways for handling 50/50 parenting arrangements.
  • The "other-dependent" deduction is simple to handle.
  • Pop-up worksheets for health care and extraordinary expenses. 
  • Warning messages for improper or inconsistent use of the worksheets. 
  • Alerts to warn you when a party is below the poverty level and what to do about it. 
  • Preview the final forms on the screen. 
  • Print questionnaires for your clients. 
  • Access to the full text of the Guidelines. 
  • Unlimited number of cases. Tracks an unlimited number of versions of each case. 
  • Lets you keep private notes on each case. 
  • Includes a present-value & mortgage calculator.

SCREEN VIEWS: click here

Note: All child support programs require annual updates because the calculations and tax rates change. DivorcewareNJ is the first package out with the updated tables each year.

Requirements: DivorcewareNJ operates under Microsoft Windows.  The CIS requires that Microsoft Excel is already installed on your computer.

Note to Mac users: You can purchase Parallels (https://www.parallels.com/landingpage/pd/general/) for $80/year, which allows your Mac to run Windows programs!


It's been $149 for 15 years, and it still is.

1 "user"
2-3 "users"
4-10 "users"

NJAPM members receive a 10% discount.

"Common Sense Pricing" - One person who has a computer at work and one at home: that's one user. Two people who take turns on one computer: that's one user. One office with 5 networked computers shared by any numbers of users: that's five users.

If you purchase within 3 months of the release for a new year, there is no additional charge for that new release. And there is no additional fee for supplemental updates issued by the court during the year.

Demonstration version: You can download a demo version here. (You can install it now, and later you can enter the serial number that we will be sending you.)


To purchase by credit card, click here

You can download the program now and start using it. You will receive your serial number by email within one hour.

To pay with a check, please enclose the following information along with your check:

  • Company name
  • Primary contact name
  • Primary contact phone number
  • Primary contact email address
  • Number of computers that will access DivorcewareNJ

and mail it to...

Lieberman Consulting Group, LLC
5812 N. Beaver Lane
Raleigh, NC 27604-6056
(919) 200-0251

We will send you a serial number unique to your office and instructions for downloading the program.

For Support:

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The online browser-based version of DivorcewareNJ is the child support calculator, intended for use by a parent who will be paying or receiving child support.  It is for one user / one case. You use it right here on the Internet.

DWNJ Online will produce the printable forms for the NJ Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

The fee is $10 for 30 days of use. You set up a case, and you can return to it as often as you want. And, you can ask it to produce the "official" form as a .pdf file that you can print and save.

  Click here


Also... If your cell phone can browse the Internet, you can access your forms from anywhere!

Note 1: This online version does not include the CIS (case information statement).

Note 2: This online version does not easily handle the "other dependent deduction."


Want to create a .PDF file? Here's a free download that lets you output in .pdf format as if it were a printer: click.

For comments on this web site, or to contact our development team:
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Email to info-at-DivorcewareNJ.com

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