NJ Child Support Guidelines & CIS

2019 Update & Trial Version

The 2019 version is now available.

Version 2019.02.09

What's new in 2019? A section has been added for alimony that is not tax-deductible or taxable. And NJ adds credits for child care. Plus, as in every year, the tax tables have been updated.  

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2019.02.08 Improved the wording of some warning messages.
2019.02.07 Add calculator pop-up to additional screens.
2019.02.06 Made Other-Dependent-Deduction easier to understand.
2019.02.05 If taxable alimony is included, automatically switch to Pub 15 tax method.
2019.02.03 Major repairs
2019.01.08 - 2019.01.11 Just wording changes.
2019.01.00 The worksheets have been modified to all for non-taxable alimony.
2018.03.00 The total income on line 6 of the printed worksheet was missing.
2018.02.00 Instead of indicating the number of exemptions the parents will take on their 1040's, it now asks how many of the children will each parent claim.
2018.01.01 Cosmetic changes.
2018.01.00 Update tax calculations and poverty tables. Also some cosmetic improvements.
2017.01.00 Very minor changes. In Appendix IX-A para 21, added "Substantial financial obligations for a disabled family member" to the list of "Other factors that may require an adjustment to Guidelines-based award." Plus small additions to the CIS.
2017.00.00 Update tax and poverty tables.
2016.00.16 Minor change to website URLs
2016.00.15 Minor change for printing forms by "Individual" users.
2016.00.14 Minor repairs. Calculations are not affected by this update.
2016.00.13 Updated the user manual.
2016.00.10 CIS: Added a box for "Attorney for:" Also, line E3 under Child Care sometimes displayed zero, even though the final calculations were correct.
2016.00.09 Repair some typos on the Sole printed report.
2016.00.08 Automatically search for program updates.
2016.00.07 Prevent the user info screen from appearing on every logon.
2016.00.07 Repair an occassional rounding error on line 14 of the Sole worksheet.
2016.00.05 Repair normal exit, eliminate unneeded reindexing.
2016.00.02 Allow multiple income amounts.